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Would you like to kickstart your content with some new professional images and video that will not break the bank? 


Lifestyle Headshots

Vicky Smith 

High Performance Coach 

0G5A0417 (1).jpg

Lorna Boan

Self Love Coach 


Alex Logan

Unifi Senior Service Consultant 





Great I have just the package for you, I am hosting a full days of Brand Boast Sessions   

Letting you get those much needed images for your social media, website or event.

Date 18th July 2024  

Brand Boast Mini Sessions 


2 Professional Headshots, high-quality studio headshots perfect for profiles, resumes, and professional branding.

4 Lifestyle Photos, a set of photos showcasing you or your brand in natural, engaging settings. Ideal for social media posts, website content, and marketing materials.

3 Short Clips of Video (B-roll), Dynamic short form video clips to add motion and interest to your social media content. Perfect for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other social media platforms.


Studio Headshots




Jonas Jonika

Unifi Senior Service Consultant 


Heather Offord 

Business Growth Consultant


Hazel McBride 

Project Manager

 Investment Details

Standard Investment: £149.00


Video Footage 

Lorna Boan

Self Love Coach

Helen Cummings

Baby Sleep Expert 

Qfpc Fire Protection 

Ana Stasiakay

Social Media Strategist

Not Sure? 

Here what my clients have to say; 

I would definitely 100% recommend Jacqui if you are needing to have some brand photos taken. I was a bit apprehensive and nervous, but as soon as I walked in, Jacqui put me straight at ease and made me feel comfortable. The whole process was so easy, and I love the outcome. So go ahead and get booked in with Jacqui now!

Lorna Boan

Jacqui was great to work with from the initial talk right through to the end product. The communication was clear, and she kept me informed about what was happening at every step. Her directions during the shoot were spot on, and she really put me at ease in front of the camera. The end result was fantastic, and I now have a set of professional photos that I’m proud to use for my brand. Having high-quality, professional photos has made a huge difference in how I present myself and my business. I highly recommend working with Jacqui!

Lousie Kisshart 

Jacqui took photos at our first No Procrastination Retreat. We all had individual pictures taken, and I was so unaware of Jacqui taking all the background images. Jacqui is an absolute pro, and now I have lots of images to choose from to promote my next event. If you are looking to book a photographer for a brand shoot, book Jacqui! She took so many photos, really showing the fun that was going on and capturing the essence of the retreat. If you, like me, are put off by the idea of having your picture taken, it’s so nice now to have these photos.

Heather Offord

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