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I have been a photographer for over 10 years and have a passion for bringing out the best in people. As an entrepreneur myself,I understand the importance of being in front of the camera and can empathize with other business owners when it comes to having their photos taken.

My main focus is to make my clients feel at ease during the photoshoot so they can enjoy the experience and end up with amazing photos that truly represent them and their businesses. My empathy and understanding helps my clients feel more comfortable and confident during the shoot, leading to more authentic and natural-looking photographs.

Having a photographer who can relate to the challenges of being in front of the camera is a great asset, as it helps you to be understood and supported throughout the process.

This approach is  well-aligned with building a strong rapport with my clients ensuring that the end result captures their true essence and brand identity.

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Hi Im Jacqui 

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What is included...

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  • A 30-minute personalised photo shoot in Puerto Del Carmen.

  • 10 professionally edited images to showcase your business journey.

  • 2 segments of captivating b-roll footage for dynamic content.

  • 1 Reel to engage your audience with compelling storytelling.

  • 4 curated candidate images capturing the essence of the retreat.

What to expect:
During your mini photo experience, expect a relaxed and enjoyable session against the breathtaking backdrop of Puerto Del Carmen. We'll guide you through natural and authentic poses, capturing the essence of your business journey and personal brand.


 Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your business presence and personal brand in one of Spain's most enchanting destinations. With a personalized photo shoot, b-roll footage, and more, the Sun Sea & Sand Splendor Mini Photo Experience  promises to be a transformative addition to your retreat experience.
Secure your spot now!

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