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I am Jacqui

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I am, your dedicated visual storyteller, passionate about helping entrepreneurs and creatives shine online. With 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, coupled with a decade behind the lens, I offer photography and videography services to elevate your social media presence.

One of my greatest strengths lies in making people feel at ease in front of the camera. I have a gift for drawing out the best in individuals, ensuring a relaxed and authentic presence that truly shines through in the final visuals. Having been on the other side of the lens myself, I understand the potential stress of being photographed and bring a warm, understanding approach to every session.

I love getting the best out of people, recognizing that each person and brand has a unique story waiting to be told. Whether it's capturing the essence of an entrepreneur or conveying the identity of a corporate organization, my lens aims to unveil the authentic narrative.

In addition to photography, I offer video content in the form of both A-roll and B-roll. I believe in the power of a comprehensive social media strategy, emphasizing consistency and structure. Coming to me not only guarantees amazing photography but also includes the option for impactful videography. This combination lays the foundations for building compelling campaigns, whether it's launching a new course or selling a product online.

On a personal note, I'm not just a photographer and entrepreneur; I'm a proud parent with a beautiful family of two kiddos. This journey is about more than just visuals; it's about creating a lasting impact, one frame at a time.

Whether you're an ambitious entrepreneur looking to level up your online presence or a corporate entity in need of captivating visuals and videos, I'm here to help tell your story visually. Let's capture moments, create, and elevate your brand together!


I have been running a successful photography business  for the past 10 years, I have had the joy of photographing. I just love working with clients and getting the best with them. 
Seeing their reaction to the iamges we have creeated togeather.

Watching clients grow and become more comfortable in front of the camera is wonderful and to see them grow more confident in using the images and grow their business through the use of their images on thier socuals and marleting mateal. 


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